SafeKeepers is a video series profiling law enforcement officials who've been on the front lines of the drug war and mass incarceration. They've witnessed the devastating effects of these policies on public safety and are bravely speaking out for change. To share your own story, GO HERE.

Trailer: Law Enforcement vs. the Drug War

When even cops, judges, and prosecutors know the drug war has failed, it's time for a re-think, especially after voters in Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana. This is the trailer for the SafeKeepers video series produced by the Beyond Bars campaign and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).

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Jail Supervisor. Army Vet. Drug war opponent.

Richard Van Wickler was active duty in the U.S. Army and now heads corrections in rural New Hampshire. He's seen the injustice of imprisoning drug offenders as if they're dangerous. Now he's speaking out against the disastrous War on Drugs.

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Former Prosecutor: "Drug Policy Kills More People Than Drugs"

John Amabile was a prosecutor in Boston and saw the effects of the War on Drugs first-hand. What he saw confirmed that current policies aren't working.

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He went to Mexico to beat the cartels. It didn't turn out well.

Sean Dunagan was a DEA analyst who went to Mexico to crack down on drugs and the cartels. Then he realized the War on Drugs was fueling the problem, not stopping it.

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They told him not to enforce drug laws in white areas. Really.

Meet Matthew Fogg, a former U.S. Marshal whose exploits led him to be nicknamed "Batman." When he noticed that all of his team's drug raids were in black areas, he suggested doing the same in the suburbs. His boss didn't take kindly to the idea.

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This cop lost a friend to the War on Drugs. Now he wants to end it.

Neill Franklin was a commander for the Maryland State Police Department. He saw the War on Drugs turn his home town of Baltimore into a desolate place and take the life of his friend Ed. Watch to see why he believes enough is enough.

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Is Jail the Right Response to Addiction? Ask this cop.

Diane Goldstein was lieutenant commander of the Redondo Beach Police Department. She became a cop to help families like hers. Then her own family got torn apart.

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You Won't Believe What This Cop Says about the War on Drugs

Stephen Downing was deputy chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. What does he think of the fact that our country puts people away for drugs? Watch.

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A Law So Awful It Literally Makes Judges Cry

Jim Gray was a Superior Court judge in Orange County, California. Ask him about whether mass incarceration for nonviolent drug offenses is a good idea. His answer will surprise you.

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